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Back Budapest: fusing form with function

Just as Buda and Pest form two halves of Hungary's capital, so the form and function shape the city’s rich output of craft. Creating unique tableware, hats, shoes or knives is not only about aesthetics! Inspired by age-old methods, and conscious of the importance to keep the traditions alive, Budapest's artisans believe the beauty of their wares cannot come at the expense of either usability or wearability. Follow our ten recommendations to get a flavour of the variety of craftspeople who combine novel forms with practice and mix tradition with innovation.

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1 Master Artisan Csaba Pankotai Leatherworker Csaba Pankotai draws inspiration from age-old leatherworking techniques and deems it important to keep traditions alive, but he also believes that it cannot come at the expense of wearability. Csengery utca 48,
1067 Budapest, Hungary
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2 Master Artisan Tünde Ruzicska Ceramicist For ceramicist Tünde Ruzicska, creating unique tableware is not only about aesthetics. She believes combining beautiful forms with usability as well as mixing tradition with innovation is equally important. Ady Endre út 17,
1192 Budapest, Hungary
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3 Master Artisan Valéria Fazekas Milliner For Valéria Fazekas, technique is one of her tools when she embarks on a new hat. Under socialism, there was a shortage of materials and craftspeople had to be creative in the use of materials. Old habits die hard! Váci utca 50,
1056 Budapest, Hungary
Monday to Friday 10:00 - 18:00, Saturday 10:00 - 16:00 More
4 Master Artisan Judit Pinviczki Leatherworker Leatherworker Judit Pinviczki has always been creative, but she is attracted first and foremost to making useful objects rather than creating pieces of fine art. Address upon request,
10000 Budapest, Hungary
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5 Master Artisan Péter Borkovics Glass sculptor Péter Borkovics came up with his special glassmaking technique in 1989, but it took time until technological improvements and experience made it feasible for him to sculpt his glass with such precision. Kende u. 3,
1111 Budapest, Hungary
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6 Rising Star Mónika Kovács Weaver As a result of Mónika Kovács’ experimentation, she has created a number of woven metal textiles, which at first glance appear as fabrics, but have the elegance of works of art. Bajnok utca 24,
1063 Budapest, Hungary
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7 Master Artisan Zoltán Tóth Jewellery maker Zoltán Toth’s jewellery is created with meticulous craftsmanship and a deep respect for the materials. Some of the pieces are made with repoussage and chasing, while others have a strong sculptural character. Bartók Béla út
1114 Budapest, Hungary
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8 Master Artisan Márta Kanics Weaver In parallel to Márta Kanics’s continuous study of new materials she can use for weaving, she remains wedded to traditional technologies, she also researches colour theory. Fehérvári út 103/b,
1119 Budapest, Hungary
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9 Master Artisan Márta Legeza Basketweaver Márta Legeza’s style of basket making is an intriguing mixture of traditional patterns with an exciting modern twist, resulting in pieces that fit the lifestyle and taste of today’s people. Address upon request,
1101 Budapest, Hungary
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10 Museum Museum of Applied Arts The Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest was founded in 1872 and has one of the world's largest collections of applied arts: Hungarian and international, historical and contemporary. György Ráth Villa, Városligeti fasor 12,
1068 Budapest, Hungary
Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 - 18:00 More
11 Master Artisan Attila Kovacs Shoemaker Following Transylvanian bootmaking traditions, Attila Kovacs makes shoes from crocodile, stingray, eel and sturgeon skin. Váci utca 10,
1052 Budapest, Hungary
Tuesday to Friday 10:00 - 18:00, Saturday 10:00 - 16:00 More
12 Master Artisan Krisztina Vándor Weaver Krisztina specialises in dobby weaving technique, thanks to which she weaves repeated patterns across a larger volume of pillows, rugs and blankets. Kapitány street 6,
1123 Budapest, Hungary
Tuesday and Wednesday 14:00 - 18:00 More