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The last malvasia in town

Food can be the first and most intuitive way to understand a place and its culture. The way ingredients are produced and sourced, the ability to transform raw materials into a recipe, or how something new gets adopted and becomes commonplace: these are all things that tell you a story about a territory and the people who live there. The restaurants and wine bars, from the most typical local bacaro to the finest gourmet table, all place a premium on sourcing the best local, seasonal and fresh ingredients for their recipes. In a unique and fragile environment such as the Venetian lagoon, sustainability has driven innovation with the establishment of an association called “Osti in orto”, which is a garden on the island of Sant’Erasmo, where the vegetables that are served on their tables are grown. The cellar mirrors the ethos of the kitchen: in your glass you will find artisanal wines brimming with stories of the connection between the land, the people that work there and how it ties the history and the future together. This experience is recommended by Venetian Food and Culture Historian, Andrea Scaramuzza.

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Malvasia all'Adriatico Mar


Malvasia all'Adriatico Mar: wine, music and convivialityMalvasia all'Adriatico Mar, the last malvasia in town, serves wines to appeal to every palate produced by local artisan producers in a setting steeped in history and culture.

Audio guide

Audio guide

A free audio guide, available to stream from 10 April to 1 May, will enhance your experience of Homo Faber in Citta. Discover more about Venice, its crafts workshops and its heritage as a city of craftsmanship, to complement your personal tour.


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Address Dorsoduro 3771
30123, Venice

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    Please stay informed about the latest Covid safety requirements in Venice and comply with any requests from the venues you visit, to ensure the safety of yourself and the participating artisans.

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    Make sure you arrive on time at each venue (although no more than ten minutes early), to make the most of your experience and the artisan’s time. Please call the venue ahead of time if you are likely to be late.

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