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Visit the historic Murano glass manufacturer Ercole Moretti

Ercole Moretti, the historic Murano glass manufacture, specialises in the production of murrina pieces: visitors will be guided to discover how glass canes are converted into plates, bowls, jewels and objects for interior design. The pieces are handcrafted with Venetian beads and the "millefiori" (thousand flowers) technique. After explaining how the glass canes are produced in the Effetre factory, participants will be shown how they are cut and arranged into the final pieces. Lastly the group will be given the chance to see a selection of pieces, created since 1911, housed in Ercole Moretti’s private museum.

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Ercole Moretti


Spreading the charm of glass flowers around the worldThe Ercole Moretti glassworks opened in Murano in 1911. The company soon made a name for itself by producing Venetian beads and perfecting murrina production techniques. Over the years new production methods – some of them kept secret to this day – were tried out and technological innovations were introduced that would lead the Ercole Moretti company to become known for its elegant glass beads with an excellent finish and quality. The so-called "millefiori"(or thousand flower) beads, which remain one of the company’s most highly-prized and characteristic products, are exported all over the world. From the 1980s, the company developed a catalogue of sophisticated objects handmade from Murano glass which present all the charm of the ancient Roman murrina bowls. Thanks to new partnerships between the company and a group of internationally renowned designers, it now creates products capable of adding quality and beauty to any living space, whether classic or contemporary.

Audio guide

Audio guide

A free audio guide, available to stream from 10 April to 1 May, will enhance your experience of Homo Faber in Citta. Discover more about Venice, its crafts workshops and its heritage as a city of craftsmanship, to complement your personal tour.


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Address Fondamenta Navagero 42
30141, Murano

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