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©Gediminas Čiuželis
©Gediminas Čiuželis
©Gediminas Čiuželis

Secrets behind seals

  • with Church Heritage Museum
  • Vilnius, Lithuania
  • courses
Secrets behind seals with Church Heritage Museum
©Klaudijus Driskius

Discover the history of seals

90 minutes Max 20 people40 euros per group

For ages seals have been used to secure deeds and to keep secrets within documents or personal letters. In ancient times the bishop would wear his ring on his glove and use it to seal letters and documents. A ring, a pectoral, a mitre and a crozier are the bishop’s insignia serving as a mark of his office and ridden with symbolism and meanings. Seals were unique, with family insignias and Christian symbols. Breaking a seal without the owner’s permission was a crime. You will not only find out by who and how the seals were used, but also have the opportunity to create your own signet ring with a seal, using ancient and embossed buttons.

By appointment only
+370 52697800

Enjoy an experience with Church Heritage Museum

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