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Mastering fire and wood

  • with Renato Costa e Silva
  • Terceira, Portugal
  • courses
Mastering fire and wood with Renato Costa e Silva
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Discover wood firing techniques

8 days Max 10 people1450 euros + tax per person

Self-taught, Renato is more than a ceramics sculptor. He is also a kiln builder, an author, a teacher and explorer. An expert in clay and ceramics from Azores, he is happy to transmit his passion and knowledge via different workshops. This advanced-level course enables the participant to try different ceramic materials and focuses on understanding the process and aesthetics of wood firing as well as the influence of materials, temperature, firing time, wood firing, oxidation and reduction. The mix of theory and practice will enable the participant to leave with a deeper understanding of wood firing techniques.

Portuguese, English, French
By appointment only
+351 965539975

Enjoy an experience with Renato Costa e Silva

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