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Instrument workshop for children

  • with Musical Instruments Museum (MIM)
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • courses
Instrument workshop for children with Musical Instruments Museum (MIM)

Uncover the mystery of sound

1.5 hours Max 15 people102.50 euros per group

A wonderful opportunity for young children to learn about music. The flute and the trumpet are most certainly wind instruments, but how do you make a sound? Just blowing isn’t enough. And why is it that the sound changes when you cover the holes or push the pistons? What are the different ways to make a chord vibrate and how can you alter the resulting musical note? This workshop invites children to experiment with sound. The experience must be booked in advance and it takes place from Tuesday to Sunday. Age group: 5-8 years old

By appointment only
+32 25450130

Enjoy an experience with Musical Instruments Museum (MIM)

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