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Illumination workshop

  • with Sophie Theodose
  • Saint Germain en laye, France
  • courses
Illumination workshop with Sophie Theodose

Further your skills in classic illumination

2 days 4-6 people200 euros per person

Sophie Theodose is an artist specialised in illumination, a medieval technique of painting on parchment with extra fine pigments, gouaches and sometimes gold leaf. During this advanced course, which is designed for people with some experience, participants will be able to work on the subject of their choice on parchment (typically made of goatskin) with the help of the artist. Materials that may be used include ink, gold leaf, gouache (a kind of paint that you mix with water) and pigments. Some technical points can be specially studied and examined in detail, specially gilding, which is a decorative technique for applying a very thin coating of gold to solid surfaces. Materials are included in the price.

French, English
By appointment only

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