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Craft 3.0

  • Differdange, Luxembourg
  • event
Craft 3.0 Differdange
Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 14:00 - 18:00; Saturday 10:00 - 20:00
©Maison du Grand-Duc Marion Dessard

De Mains de Maîtres Luxembourg brings together craftspeople, creators, designers and digital specialists for Craft 3.0, a major exhibition. Protagonists from the fields of arts and crafts and the new so-called additive technologies imagine how they can combine the old with the new. The durability of crafts in the face of new technologies, such as 3D printing, is brought into question.

©Maison du Grand-Duc Marion Dessard

Beyond the debate between tradition and progress, it is now evident that digital techniques are not intended to oppose craft, nor to make it disappear, but can prove to be a formidable means of prolonging and enhancing it. The exhibition aims to explore the current and future evolution of ancient techniques towards a new form of craftsmanship nourished and enriched by digital techniques. A series of lectures and workshops is also planned for the duration of the exhibition.

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