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©Dominik Taeuber
©Dominik Taeuber
©Dominik Taeuber

Sgraffito workshop in the Swiss Alps

  • with Josin Neuhäusler
  • Susch, Switzerland
  • courses
Sgraffito workshop in the Swiss Alps with Josin Neuhäusler
©Dominik Taeuber

Carve your own sgraffito tile

3 hours 10-40 people30 CHF per person

In this three-hour workshop, local sgraffito expert Josin Neuhäusler will start by talking about the origin and background of the sgraffito technique before explaining how it is used to decorate house façades. By seeing examples of his own work and learning about the theory behind it, you will then be ready to try for yourself. After choosing the subject of your design – by studying existing pieces – you will start scratching your tile with a compass, a nail and a scraper, creating a unique piece that you will get to take home at the end of the day. An enthusiastic teacher, Josin will gladly accommodate children, people with special needs or even travel to a location to suit you.
Children 20 CHF, price upon request for groups smaller than 10 people.

German, Romansh
By appointment only
+41 792213478

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