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Zenzo Fukushima


Zenzo Fukushima was born into a long line of Koishiwara ware ceramicists, and is currently the 16th generation from his family to practice and create this ware. After graduating from Fukuoka University, he decided to follow in the footsteps of the family tradition. His long search for a master ceramicist led him to the conclusion that he must learn from his father and grandfather. He intended to learn the rich traditions and techniques associated with this ware but also wanted to use and develop traditional materials in a pioneering manner. Many years later, based on his mastery of traditional techniques and raw materials, Zenzo Fukushima has developed and created numerous glazes. Some of these have taken up to ten years to perfect such as his unique mastery of celadon ware.

National Living Treasure - the category of Koishiwara ware pottery
Japanese government

Koishiwara ware, with origins in 16th century Korea, was first introduced to Japan in the 17th century. Celadon glaze is a form of ceramic glaze known for its distinctive jade or celadon hues. When this glaze is applied to earthenware and fired, characteristic cracks are known to typically form on the surface due to the contraction of the glaze over the brittle earthenware. Zenzo Fukushima did not accept that this had to be the norm and experimented for nearly a decade to perfect his celadon glaze ware. Through careful control of the glaze’s composition as well as the firing process, Fukushima now creates crack-free ware.

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Koishiwara, Japan
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