Homo Faber

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Presented by logo Homo Faber by Michelangelo Foundation
© ECAL_Santiago Martinez © ECAL_Santiago Martinez


On one side of this two-part installation, three transparent cylinders enclose pistons that move up and down, much like the pistons in a car engine. The air displaced by this movement is propelled directly into steel tubes. On the other side, nine flax paper discs, balanced on metal rods, are set inside a second structure. The air produced by the mechanical movement travels through metal pipes and is released directly beneath the paper circles. Their various shapes and sizes impart a different rhythm to each one, bringing the scene to life with moving forms.

Detailed Features

Type: Automaton
Dimensions: 200 L x 43 W x 165 H cm
Material: Plexiglass, aluminium, stainless steel, linen paper, brass, lacquered wood
Date: 2022

Mechanical MarvelsExhibition Other objects Exhibitor

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