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Tracing Venice

Violaine Buet

Seaweed worker

Violaine weaves the sea and its colours. Living in Brittany, where tides mark the time, she picks seaweed as soon as the tide goes out, leaving it scattered across the sand and in little rock pools. In this way the material returns to its origins. It is a living thing, which inspires her to ask herself many questions. It opens her heart. Creating with seaweed allows her to merge the animal and plant kingdoms. Seven years spent in India influenced Violaine's textile techniques. She left with a hunger to use her acquired skills in an imaginative and sustainable way. It took her a long time to understand how. Working with seaweed brings her great joy; she likes to help the material naturally transform into different shapes by using her hands in a harmonious manner.


From her many experiences and encounters with Indian crafts, Violaine Buet retains an important philosophy, that the beauty of a space or of a material is intrinsically linked to the creative factor that unites the work of all the hands that have gone into the making of a piece. Through her workshop, Violaine aims to develop a unique technique and knowledge relative to the use and fine finishing of algae for artistic and industrial applications. She aims to introduce this uncommon material to scenography, haute couture, decorative objects and visual merchandising.

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12 Rue Redien, 56400 , Auray, France
+33 751603365
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