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Venezia: Porta D’oriente

The pendant is transformed from a 17th-century decoration into a piece of jewellery dedicated to Venice and Japan. The piece represents a hypothetical meeting of two cultures told through the elements of the sea - a desire for discovery and the unknown, the ship - representing the voyage, the ventaglio - an element common to the two cultures, the chrysanthemum (kiku) - a symbol of immortality, and the portal (tori) - a symbol of purification.

Detailed Features

Type: Pendant
Dimensions: 47 L x 10.5 W x 2 D cm
Material: Gold plated silver and copper, jade, blue topazes, garnets, amethyst, peridot, coronè diamond, pearls, micropearls
Date: 2021

Details: Genealogies of OrnamentExhibition Exhibitor

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