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Sonoko Sasaki

Kimono weaver

Sonoko Sasaki, a textile artist, weaves tsumugi-type silk yarn in colours inspired by those of grass and leaves. She is the eldest daughter of dyeing and weaving researcher, Aiko Sasaki. After studying painting and photography, Sonoko Sasaki understood that her future would be with a career in artisanship. Thanks in part to those around her as well as her natural affinity with the tactility of fabrics, Sasaki decided to dedicate herself to the creation of cloths and more specifically to the creation of kimonos. She studied various techniques of weaving in the city of Shizuoka, Japan. She often uses birds and flora as motifs in her work, featuring both the rustic charm of tsumugi textiles and intricate designs created through a complex e-gasuri weaving technique.

National Living Treasure - the category of tsumugi textile
Japanese government

Tsumugi (pongee) is a hand-spun silk yarn woven from the floss that remains in the cocoon of the silkworm. By spinning these remaining strands, weavers are able to create their own fabric. Despite the humble origin of the yarn, it has now become one of the most prized materials for Kimonos. The yarn is dyed with a series of patterns and then handwoven on a loom known as a jibata. When spun, the artisan will wrap the fibres around their waist, enabling them to tense and adjust the vertical thread.

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