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Tracing Venice

Séverina Lartigue

Artificial flower maker

As a young girl, Séverina Lartigue visited a shop looking for fabric flowers to put on a dress and was instantly mesmerised by the world she had stepped into. She bought three violets that she still has to this day. Séverina later started to create her own fabric flowers, combining her affinity for textiles with a long-held fascination with nature and botany. Over the years the artisan has been lucky enough to work with several masters of the craft, who taught her techniques and knowledge that would help Séverina become a master herself. Her workshop, founded in Normandy in 1998, was awarded "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company) distinction by the French government, a mark of recognition of its excellent savoir-faire.


Séverina Lartigue specialises in the multiple ancestral techniques needed to create artificial flowers from silk. Originally, each stage of creation would have corresponded to a unique profession. The particularity of her workshop is that she undertakes each step of production herself, from conception to creation and finally to the sale. Today, Séverina is the last independent luxury artificial flower maker in France. Her work is closely linked to the tradition of artificial flower making as the instruments she uses are no longer made and are becoming hard to find. Therefore, she collects them and is building up her inventory of tools.

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20 Rue Gaston Ramon 14100, Lisieux, France
+33 6 17 69 23 16
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