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Sandra A. Fuchs

Glass sculptor

Glass sculptor Sandra A. Fuchs has been working with glass since 2003. After many periods spent living and working abroad, in 2013 the artisan founded her own glass studio in Mautern on the Danube, a small town located within the Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Austria. Since then, she has been working exclusively as an independent glass artist in the areas of coldwork - fusing - flamework and hot sculpting. Sandra was selected discovery artist at Tresor Basel 2017 and an official exhibitor during the Glass Art Society Conference, Murano, Italy, 2018. Her works have been displayed at museums in Germany and Venice, and are available in galleries in Vienna, Salzburg, Murano and London. She has taken part in exhibitions worldwide, where glass lovers have quickly noticed and connected with her work.


One of the main focuses of Sandra’s work is the creation of unique pieces of art incorporating murrine, which she designs and makes by herself. Traditionally, all murrine possess the same pattern, but she employs a technique making the colour and pattern of each murrina unique during the stretching process of the liquid glass. Her fused panels which show their "inner life" are significant for her creations. Sandra also combines this new manufacturing technique of kiln-formed murrine, in existence since 1992, with the old traditional glass-blowing knowledge, which makes her mouth-blown pieces completely unique.

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Zistelstraße 2, 3512, Mautern an der Donau, Austria
+43 6801115214
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