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Tracing Venice

Rogan Brown

Paper sculptor

Observing one of Rogan Brown’s paper sculptures is like peering through a microscope. His extraordinarily detailed pieces wouldn’t be out of place in a lab. The British artisan, based now in France, is inspired by nature. “From bacteria to trees to neurons to spiral galaxies to subatomic particles. I constantly surf images of nature in all its myriad complexity, always looking for correlations and patterns that I then use in my own work.” The results are delicate and surreal sculptures made from layer upon layer of either hand or laser-cut paper.


Drawing is the foundation of Rogan Brown’s paper creations, as everything starts with detailed drawings that are then hand or laser cut and finally painstakingly hand-mounted in three-dimensional formations. Nature is the starting point for his work: landscape, geology, plants, insects, microbes, cells, molecules, atoms... “and all the various structural patterns and parallels that connect these different manifestations of the natural world”. This aesthetic started to emerge because Rogan lived for ten years in a wild and remote area of southern France, the Cevennes Mountains, in the middle of a forest; everything came from that place and that experience.

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Nîmes, France
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