Homo Faber

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Presented by logo Homo Faber by Michelangelo Foundation
© Courtesy of Cavaliero Finn Gallery

Llamitas Siluetas Trio

Each sculptural vessel is one-of-a-kind, hand-built from clay using the traditional techniques of pinching, coiling and paddling. Each piece is burnished with a small river stone several times during the drying process, in order to achieve a particular tactile surface. Once dry, the piece then undergoes two firings, depending on the desired colour: first a low-temperature gas kiln firing, followed by a traditional open sky firing, using llama and goat dung as fuel.

Courtesy of Cavaliero Finn gallery

Detailed Features

Type: Sculpture
Dimensions: Small red piece: 21 L x 6.5 W x 18 H cm ; Black piece: 12 L x 6.5 W x 25.5 H cm ; Tall red piece: 15 L x 8 W x 30H cm
Material: Ceramics
Date: 2022

The Artisan: a crafted tea roomExhibition Exhibitor

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