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Tracing Venice

Nicolas Court


Growing up in Moutier in the Swiss Jura, a town known for its production of quality machine tools, Nicolas Court was exposed to micromechanics from an early age. His passion for clocks, in particular Comtoise longcase clocks, took him to Sainte-Croix where he specialised in complex clock mechanisms and high-end pieces for prestigious watch brands. It was here that he discovered other mechanical arts – automata, music boxes and gramophones – and met collectors who brought him antique pieces for restoration. Through his Arts 15 studio, which he set up in 1996, Nicolas Court works with watch companies on small mechanical objects and cultivates his passion for automata with life-size creations, including projects for public spaces that combine mechanical art with street theatre. He describes himself as a maker of mechanical objects whose purpose is to bring pleasure to all.

Objects Mechanical Marvels Exhibition Contact
Association Mec-Art, Rue de la Plaine 8, 1400, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
+41 24 426 42 37

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