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Tracing Venice



Naturtex was founded in 1993. While the company is quite recent, it is rooted in the long experience of its craftspeople and the rich technical experience of Crevillente, a Spanish town traditionally linked to the textile and footwear industries. The legacy instilled in the company by its rich regional history and those that work for the company is combined with a vocation for continual innovation, ensuring the singular and personal production of fabrics. The company strives to challenge the conventional use of materials, pushing their established boundaries, rethinking how they can be used and their possible applications. It has experience with unconventional materials such as stainless steel, adapting and converting its traditional manufacturing processes.


Naturtex bases its activity on three fundamental pillars: craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability. Growing from its original production of sisal bags, Naturex has placed continual importance on craftsmanship, innovation and the environment, adapting its production processes to its growing environment and company evolution. Its production places emphasis on materials and techniques that respect the environment, and it is careful not to overproduce or generate stock. The production, based in Crevillente, Alicante, promotes the local economy and industry.

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