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Nakano deep bowl with a moon-white celadon glaze

The deep bowl, handcrafted from earthenware clay with a moon-white celadon glaze, showcases the superb match between the special celadon colour of Koishiwara ware and Zenzo Fukushima’s modelling skills. Zenzo Fukushima works various glazes such as tetsuyū (iron glaze) and kakuyū (red-drip glaze), created through oxidation during their firing. Throughout his work, he aims to use the raw materials of Koishiwara to create truly innovative pieces.

Detailed Features

Type: Bowl
Dimensions: 16.7 H x 37.5 Ø cm
Material: Earthenware, celadon glaze
Date: 2019

12 Stone GardenExhibition Other objects Exhibitor

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