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Tracing Venice

Morten Klitgaard


Like the surface of an unknown planet, Morten Klitgaard's artworks look otherworldly. By pushing the capabilities of glass to its limits and experimenting with new techniques, he creates works that don't look like glass at all, but ressemble something unconventional, like craters of a new moon, or relics discovered on the bottom of the sea. Morten fell in love with glassblowing as a child, learning the basics from his best friend’s father while growing up in the north of Jutland, Denmark. He went on to train for three years with the famous Danish glass artist Tobias Møhl. Since graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Art in 2012, he has exhibited all over Europe and in Japan.


Morten Klitgaard has the ability to use numerous traditional glasswork techniques mastered over decades, but chooses not to in many of his current works, as he wants to push glassmaking into new territory without being caught up in conventions related to techniques. He is currently focusing on surface effects on blown forms, adding patina and working to push the transparency of glass to achieve glaze-like effects. His work is driven by the urge to investigate and push the limits of glass as a material. Morten continuously develops new ways of working with the surface, discovering new techniques and methods that draw out unique qualities in the material.

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Egevej 3, Svaneke, Denmark
+45 30828224
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