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Tracing Venice

Marie de La Roussière


Marie de La Roussière graduated in architectural decoration specialising in lacquer from ENSAAMA in Paris, the only European training school in which the three main lacquer techniques are taught: vegetable lacquer, European oil varnish and water-soluble lacquer. When Marie first encountered lacquer, it was love at first sight. She found that combining different materials and techniques with lacquer could spark an artist's imagination. In 2010, Marie opened her lacquer workshop specialising in custom-made creations, from decorative panels to musical instruments. By combining tradition with a contemporary vision, her lacquerwork offers an infinite number of possibilities.


The oil varnish in which Marie de La Roussière specialises is firmly rooted in a French tradition of lacquerwork developed by artisans such as the Martin brothers in the 18th century. Combining varnish, powdered pigments and turpentine, this technique also borrows from the ancestral Asian lacquer traditions. The lacquer profession requires rigour, patience and a firm grounding in gestures, repeated to the point of becoming an innate movement. Each piece is entirely made by hand, from the designs to the preparation and application of the primers.

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43 Rue du Midi 93100, Montreuil, France
+33 675673284
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