Homo Faber

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Lady with a camellia flower offering at the Nigatsudō

This Japanese doll, formed with tōso over a wooden structure and covered with Japanese paper, depicts a woman coming to pray during religious festivities at the Todai-ji Nigatsu-do hall in Nara. Her kimono is decorated with seeds that represent Kannon, and she carries a camellia to offer to the bodhisattva. Komao Hayashi uses the human form to express intangible things; here, the form of a woman represents the deity, Kannon. "Dolls are not toys, but a representation of God,” says Hayashi.

Detailed Features

Type: Doll
Dimensions: 12 L x 12 W x 31 H cm
Material: Tōso, washi paper, wood
Date: 2016

12 Stone GardenExhibition Other objects Exhibitor

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