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© Lacy Barry
Tracing Venice

Lacy Barry

Paper worker

Lacy Barry is a multi-faceted artist & designer that is principally self-taught. She has applied her artistic language to public art installations, interiors, ad campaigns, music videos, editorials, even a tablet game. Lacy started as a costume designer and on-set seamstress in Los Angeles in 2007. After moving to Montreal, Canada, she opened a studio working on set and prop creation. By chance, she was asked to make a set out of paper and since then this material has been her chosen medium. Born in Canada, Lacy has travelled extensively around the world, and she’s now based in Germany. She exhibits internationally and has collaborated with many well-known brands, artists and organisations.


Lacy Barry specialises in techniques of paper manipulation and forming that she has developed through continual experimentation and observation of paper materials. An in-depth understanding of colour, as well as an ability to form and craft aesthetically by hand, are central to her creative process. Lacy imagines her projects from start to finish, drawing some aspects using computer software that she then uses to produce her paper forms via a cutting machine. She chooses to work extensively with recycled cardboard to reduce waste and add value to the common material.

Objects Magnae Chartae Exhibition Contact
Studio 68, Skalitzer str. 68 10997, Berlin, Germany
+49 17629575073
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