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© La Fabrique NOMADE © Nicolas Du Pasquier © La Fabrique NOMADE © Nicolas Du Pasquier © Nicolas Du Pasquier © Nicolas Du Pasquier
Tracing Venice

La Fabrique Nomade

Founded in January 2016, the association works to promote the professional integration of migrant and refugee craftspeople in France. Passionate women and men, with savoir-faire acquired in their country of origin, encounter many obstacles to their professional integration as craftspeople in France. Socio-linguistic barriers, lack of networks, non-recognition of their qualifications and experience, and lack of knowledge of the market make it difficult for them to pursue their professions. Valuing the skills that arrive on our territory means enriching our society and supporting its development by considering each person in terms of what they are and what they can do. La Fabrique Nomade promotes a new model of integration, which takes into account the person and his or her professional career, by identifying acquired skills, as well as by studying the possibilities of adaptation and transfer in the French economic and cultural context.Its work allows craftspeople to resume their profession, find their rightful place in society and, above all, give a new meaning to their life after exile.

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