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© Katarzyna Kot Bach
Tracing Venice

Katarzyna Kot-Bach

Wood sculptor

“I remember one day when I was nine years old, I was holding a piece of linden wood in my hands, and suddenly I had a moment of illumination,” says Katarzyna Kot-Bach. Deciding she wanted to work with wood, she got hold of some tools and began to create. “The more I hit the hammer, the more I wanted to develop sculptural skills... I loved the smell of wood and its natural structure.” Now an independent artist working in her studio in Koerich with the collective Sixthfloor, Katarzyna creates sculptures mainly in wood and bronze, as well as installations and land art. She is also a member of the Association of Visual Artists of Luxembourg (AAPL) and of ARTmadeinluxembourg.


A number of years learning techniques in the field of sculpture provided Katarzyna Kot-Back with first-hand experience of working with a variety of materials. Other than wood, she has created sculptures in metal, ceramic, stone and bronze. Following her studies, Katarzyna started to favour certain materials over others and now specialises in combining wood with bronze, cast from very delicate natural elements such as leaves, branches and bark. Over recent years, she has developed a technique that allows her to capture small, fragile sculptural forms in an acrylic resin to combine them with larger forms of wood or bronze.

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Studio Sixthfloor, Neimillen L-8383, Koerich, Luxembourg
+352 661332316
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