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© Juho Könkkölä
Tracing Venice

Juho Könkkölä


Juho Könkkölä has been folding origami for over 15 years, having first started when only eight years old. His medium is a single square sheet of paper. In 2018 he decided to take an important step by creating his own origami designs. His creations are immediately distinguishable by the meticulous attention to detail and the complexity of the design and creation process. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Applied Sciences in Lapland, Tornio, in 2020, he has been exhibiting his works around Finland. One of his most influential exhibitions has been the Generation 2020 exhibition at Amos Rex in Helsinki. Juho draws his inspiration from many sources, including his passion for history, folk tales, mythology, nature and even general fantasy.


Unlike conventional origami models, most of Juho Könkkölä’s works are folded in nonsequential order. Instead of being folded in a step-by-step process, many large and complex structures may have several dozens of steps being folded at once. The creation process comprises two principal steps: the design and folding. The design process is meticulous and iterative, during which most of the folds are planned out. The folding process starts with pre-creasing, where hundreds or sometimes even thousands of creases are made on a single sheet of paper. The figure is then folded using two prominent techniques: dry and wet folding. Dry folding creates the structure and geometrical parts, and wet folding allows the creation of organic forms, and helps the work keep its shape over time.

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