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Jewellery Box

The Japanese artist Shoko Okumura graduated in Traditional Japanese Painting, and a qualified frescoes restorer in Florence has a knack for painting Japanese landscapes. Okumura hand-painted with natural pigments from seashells and sprinkled gold powder the winter view of a Japanese forest under the snow on the three panels, enriching the Serapian hand-crafted Mosaico jewellery box. Sho-Chiku-bai is the name of her theme, a symbol of winter which means pine, bamboo, and plum, or "the three fellows of winter". A different plant is painted on each Mosaico panel, always inside the forest, so that by looking closely, the pine will appear somewhere on the left panel, the bamboo on the central one and the plum on the right panel.

Detailed Features

Type: Jewellery box
Dimensions: 16 H x 26 W x 16 D cm (closed);30.5 H x 58 W x 16 D cm (open)
Material: Leather

Details: Genealogies of OrnamentExhibition Other objects Exhibitor

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