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Tracing Venice

Jessica Jue


Jessica Jue is a London-based silversmith and jeweller. Jessica completed her training at Edinburgh College of Art and Bishopsland Educational Trust, where she received extensive training with many established silversmiths. Her fluid and bold sculptural aesthetic is deeply influenced by her Chinese heritage and Austrian upbringing. Inspired by balance and harmony, Jessica sculpts using fluid and organic curves, aiming to create a sense of rhythmic movement within her work. She skilfully manipulates her forms through the ancient art of hammering, while also introducing an abundance of rich surface textures through the use of pattern and gold. In 2021 Jessica won the Goldsmiths’ Fair Best New Design Award, and in 2019 she received three silver awards at the Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Awards.


Jessica’s initial interest in metalwork began during her time in Tokyo on a university exchange programme. There she experienced the Japanese art of figurative silversmithing and was drawn to the free and intuitive techniques of forming a sheet of metal. Jessica's sculptural approach to silversmithing allows the behaviour of the metal to speak for itself. 

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