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Tracing Venice

Istituto Caselli e Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte

Porcelain crafting

Founded in 1743 by Carlo di Borbone, King of Naples and Sicily at the time, the Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte is among the most ancient manufacturers of porcelain in Europe, famous worldwide for the peculiar white of its artistic creations and for giving birth to a decorative style which is now part of the Neapolitan heritage and culture. Although the manufacturer has not been permanently active throughout the centuries, recently it has been a hub of creation. Its artisans collaborate with internationally renowned artists and designers to create new pieces as well as faithful replicas of pieces from the historical collections. All the creations of the Real Fabbrica are marked with the blue Lily, which is the symbol of the Borbone family. The Real Fabbrica monumental complex immersed in the spectacular park of the Real Bosco of the Capodimonte Palace, houses not just the ancient workshops but also the MUDI Museum of Porcelain and the Istituto Caselli, a professional school for ceramicists.


The Institute today has significant relationships with the likes of Liu Jianhua, Walead Beshty or Santiago Calatrava, architects, designers, planners, experiencing a very lively education in the encounter between tradition, research and innovation. The school has become a permanent creative institution, with workshops and exhibition spaces, a magical place attracting scholars, teachers, collectors, enthusiasts and tourists from all over the world.

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Parco di Capodimonte 80100, Naples, Italy
+39 0817413403
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