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© Barbini Specchi Veneziani
Tracing Venice

Giovanni & Vincenzo Barbini

AAV Barbini SRLMirror making

AAV Barbini is the oldest operating company in Murano specialised in the art of glass engraving and the production of Venetian mirrors, as well as the restoration of antique pieces. The company’s origins can be traced back to an era that far precedes the date of its foundation by Nicolò Barbini, in 1927. In fact, the Barbini family history is intimately tied to that of Venetian glass mirror-making, which has lived centuries of undisputed supremacy not only for its limpid, transparent and colourless qualities, but also for the sophisticated craftsmanship that has characterised production throughout the ages. To this day, all of the development phases take place exclusively in the Barbini workshop and are personally overseen by Nicolò’s heirs, Vincenzo and Giovanni, and by their respective sons, who constantly reinterpret this inestimable wealth of skill, techniques and secrets.


The mirrors of Artigianato Artistico Veneziano are produced on the island of Murano, from their conception, the cutting, bevelling, engraving and silvering, to their final assembly. The entire production of the mirrors is overseen by Giovanni and Vincenzo Barbini, along with their sons who have now joined the family-run workshop. This new generation of mirror makers helps to stimulate the workshop’s constant exploration and reinterpretation of age-old techniques in order to push the boundaries and secrets of this craft.

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