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Tracing Venice

Giordano Viganò

Cabinet maker

When he opened his own workshop in 1959, Giordano Viganò would never have guessed that this path in life would later lead him to work with some of architecture's biggest names and become a furniture designer as well as a furniture-specialised carpenter. From the mid 1970s, after having met architect Luigi Massoni, Giordano began making furniture with a modern touch. Society was changing and so were people’s tastes. A new season was ahead and it was to be full of decisive encounters for Giordano. The result of all this is a man who shapes the right wood for the object requested; a man who also says no if necessary.


Research and innovation complement Giordano Viganò’s irreplaceable technical knowledge of cabinetmaking, ingrained over 50 years, to create finely finished masterpieces. Giordano couples wood with other materials such as glass, silver and bone, thus combining traditional techniques and innovation. The aesthetic value of each piece is guaranteed by the careful selection and combination of precious materials. Giordano does not wish to produce pretentious or spectacular pieces but rather to accentuate the pure beauty of the minute details within the meticulous finishing of his works.

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