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Fruit Pyramid "Fruit of Knowledge"

Fruit Pyramid “Fruit of Knowledge” represents the original story of temptation in the Garden of Eden. After tasting the forbidden fruit, the porcelain figures become aware of their nakedness, cover themselves with fig leaves and perceive the world around them with new and curious eyes. The sculptural porcelain fruit stand is a collaboration between Chris Antemann and the Meissen manufactory. The white porcelain is carefully painted by hand and signed by Chris Antemann above the emblematic crossed-swords mark of Meissen.

Courtesy of Meissen Manufactory

Detailed FeaturesStory

Type: Sculpture
Dimensions: 87 H x 36 W x 29 D cm
Material: Porcelain
Date: 2015

Porcelain VirtuosityExhibition Other objects Exhibitor

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