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© François Ruegg
Tracing Venice

François Ruegg


François Ruegg trained as a ceramicist at the fine arts school in Geneva, Switzerland. Since then, he has chosen porcelain as his expressive medium. His artistic trail has been a nomadic one, working on projects as well as teaching in Europe, Asia and South America. His creations span from unique pieces to large collaborative projects with ceramics manufacturers. These rich experiences, encounters and exchanges have nurtured thoughts on the nature of his work and society. He transposes these in a provocative yet humoristic manner throughout his porcelain works. His works are characterised by the intentional allegories used to give figurative life to the created works. He plays with preconceived notions and stereotypes, deliberately challenging the traditional perceptions of those viewing his work.


François Ruegg’s latest body of work explores notions of appearance. On the one hand, his porcelain creations are veiled, purposefully hiding the subject of the work. On the other hand, in an apparent contradiction, he places his works on plinths, accentuating their presence. These plinths become an integral part of the work and allegory, drawing on the traditional notion of the plinth to highlight the metaphor of each piece. Traditionally, a plinth, although secondary to the statue, was naturally associated to the statue. The plinth not only elevated the statue, but also served as a visual metaphor for the standing of the person captured in the figurative sculpture. François draws on the notion and intent of the classical plinth, bringing it into a contemporary setting. He uses this traditional tool not to place emphasis on a particular person, but rather to place emphasis on his thoughts regarding contemporary issues and challenges.

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