Homo Faber

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Presented by logo Homo Faber by Michelangelo Foundation
© Cartier

Photograph From Louis Cartier’s Collection, 1936

Midway through the 19th century, Europe became fascinated by Japanese culture and aesthetics. Japanism, an artistic movement, arose and spread its influence in many forms of art, including jewellery. Cartier’s archives mention the first “Japanese style creations” as of the late 1870s. The Japanese influence would be conveyed in multiple ways, notably thanks to Louis Cartier’s (1875 – 1942) collection of books and objects which served as inspiration for the designers.

Courtesy of Cartier Archives

Detailed Features

Type: Facsimile of a drawing
Dimensions: 22 H x 28 W cm
Date: 1936

Details: Genealogies of OrnamentExhibition Other objects Exhibitor

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