Homo Faber

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Tracing Venice


Furniture making

Visionnaire was founded by the historic Italian company IPE, which was established by the brothers Carlo, Pompeo and Vittorio Cavalli and has been based in Bologna since 1959. Visionnaire is a meta-luxury brand in the sector of interior design Made in Italy. Since 2004 Visionnaire has formulated a distinctive style, based on lively experimentation with materials, volumes of unexpected poise, and inimitable motifs that reveal the company's Italian background. Collaborating with a team of eclectic, visionary Italian and foreign designers, Visionnaire relies on a network of over 30 crafts hubs located all over Italy, enabling the company to design and create extraordinary, unique objects of outstanding sartorial workmanship, while fostering and restoring value to the skills of local artisans.

Objects The Artisan: a crafted tea room Exhibition Contact
Via Mattei 1, Zola Predosa, 40069, Bologna, Italy
+39 516186322

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