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Tracing Venice

Maja Frendrup


Danish ceramicist Maja Frendrup trained at the Royal Danish Academy's Craft Programme in Ceramics in Bornholm. After graduating in 2014, she spent the following years working from her studio and participating in various exhibitions and shows in Denmark and Europe. For many of those, she collaborated with other members of the renowned Arts and Crafts Association Bornholm, of which Maja has been the chair since 2019. The ceramicist lives and works in Sandvig, a very small town on the north tip of the Danish island Bornholm, titled World Craft Region in 2017. Maja is also a member of the Danish Crafts & Design Association. At the moment, Maja's work is on show in Denmark at Bornholm Art Museum, Hjorths Fabrik, and the Center for Arts and Crafts, Groenbechs Gaard.


Experimenting with the ceramic surface using glaze, structure and layers, Maja Frendrup makes hand-built ceramic vessels with a focus on the material. Her characteristic signature pieces with a prickly and fragile porcelain surface speak to the viewer's senses as something appealing and repellent at the same time. For her first solo show in 2018, Maja began focusing on how materials found in nature could be adapted in her ceramics. Some of her works include pebbles or sand from the beaches of Bornholm, which react differently to the firing process. The finished piece tells a story about the nature of the place from which they came.

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Strandgade 2, Sandvig 3770, Allinge, Denmark
+45 30246257
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