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© Daniele Papuli
Tracing Venice

Daniele Papuli

Paper sculptor

“What fascinates me most about my craft is that when people see one of my objects, they don’t immediately understand what it’s made of. They often mistake it for wood, or some kind of fossil. Only when they look closer do they realise that it’s made of paper.” Daniele Papuli started working with paper by chance, after participating in a workshop in Berlin while studying at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, in Milan. Although his training is in classical sculpture, this master craftsman decided to make objects using narrow strips of paper, with which he gives life to mesmerising shapes, the uniqueness of which can only be appreciated up close.


Daniele Papuli chose this material, vinyl, as an elected matter for his artistic research due to its flexibility when in strips, much like paper. The individual components that make up the object – strips, lamellae, tapes – lend a dynamic structure that is expressed through an articulated and uninterrupted game consisting of superimposing and sliding the various components. When placed side by side, the strips create a large vase in the shape of a corolla, petals of a flower as a unit, Talea.

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Vimercate, Italy
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