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© Courtesy of RW Work Ltd

Bamboo Chair for Persephone

The Bamboo Chair for Persephone was originally designed by Robert Wilson in 1985 in Kingston, Jamaica and appeared on stage in Persephone some ten years later. Wilson’s interpretation of the Greek myth, Persephone opened at Guild Hall in East Hampton, New York on July 28, 1995. A far cry from his earlier durational operas, Persephone was just shy of an hour in length and featured a magisterial score by Philip Glass. Appearing in Wilson’s signature “family scene”, the Bamboo Chair exists in a very limited edition of three.

Courtesy of RW Work Ltd.

Detailed Features

Type: Chair
Dimensions: 53.7 L x 34.6 W x 212.5 H cm
Material: Bamboo
Date: 1995

WAITING with peace and darknessExhibition Other objects Exhibitor

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