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Tracing Venice

Atelier Mestdagh

Stained glass maker

Katrien Mestdagh is a stained glass artisan with training in stained glass conservation and heritage management. She represents the third generation of Atelier Mestdagh, which was founded in 1947 by her grandfather Albert, who had trained in one of the most important Neo-Gothic workshops in Ghent. After Albert passed away in 1972, his son Luc took over the business, preserving the same techniques and knowledge that his father and his master craftsmen had taught him. Luc’s wife Ingrid Meyvaert, who specialises in designing stained glass windows, was always at his side. Thanks to her, the workshop started to use stained glass in modern architecture, thus matching traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation.


Stained glass offers Katrien Mestdagh a wide range of work and activities, from the conservation of stained-glass works to the creation of new pieces. There is a very rich history behind this craft, with some techniques having been lost over the centuries. Through conservation and restoration projects, Katrien is able to rediscover some of these lost techniques and aspects of stained glass and is also able to determine how to incorporate them in contemporary creations. “I’ve been in the business for over 15 years now, and every month there is something new that I haven’t seen before.” Katrien keeps learning, and always has the feeling there is more that can be discovered about this craft.

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Oude Gaversesteenweg 99-1, B-9820, Merelbeke, Belgium
+32 9 223 41 29

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