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"Dancing in My Mind" Video Portrait of Suzushi Hanayagi (Video Installation)

“In 2008 my long time collaborator, one of the dance masters of our time Suzushi Hanyayagi was in an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s paralyzed except for slight movement in her right arm and hand. Suzushi had not spoken for three years…I would make a hand gesture and she would make a hand gesture, which we filmed. In the early 60s, she had done work at Judson Church lying on her back on the floor with her feet in the air and only her toes moving. So at one point, I removed my socks and shoes and moved my toes. She moved hers as well, ever so slightly. For these video portraits, she wore white makeup, as it was applied to her face I could sense her remembering the experience from her past. In Japanese she whispered, I am dancing in my mind." – Robert Wilson

Detailed Features

Type: Video portrait
Dimensions: 69.5 H x 34.8 W cm
Date: 2009

WAITING with peace and darknessExhibition Other objects Exhibitor

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