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© Sungho Cho
© Sungho Cho
© Sungho Cho
© Sungho Cho

Sungho Cho

  • Silversmith
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Master Artisan
Sungho Cho Silversmith
Korean, English
By appointment only
+82 1064076736
© Sungho Cho

Textured by history

  • • Sungho Cho was named best jeweller of 2013 in Korea
  • • He is fascinated in creating a variety of textures
  • • He describes himself as a time collector

When Sungho Cho was 20 years old, he left his hometown Cheongsong in Korea, for Seoul to study metalwork and jewellery. After that he spent many years in Europe, expanding his artistic abilities both in Florence and Munich. This made him a global citizen. He knew his way around the world, but felt that somewhere during this development he lost a sense of who he was. His work reminded him of a life in the making. Through his work he felt able to get closer to knowing himself more: his work is a monument of his life. He hopes that those who wear and admire his work will also find it provides them with a way of bringing a new meaning to their life.

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  • © Sungho Cho
  • © Sungho Cho
  • © Sungho Cho
  • © Sungho Cho
  • © Sungho Cho
Photo: © Sungho Cho
Transition of traces 21-B1 vase

This gold plated brass vase has a textured effect which is achieved by free hand movements and repetitive stamping – without any specific rules.

Length 20.5 cm
Width 23.5 cm
Height 16.5 cm

Photo: © Sungho Cho
Collection of time 20-5 bowl

This voluminous bowl was made of silver. The pattern was shaped by rubbing the relief texture of the crosswalk on the road.

Length 12 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 10 cm

Photo: © Sungho Cho
Collection of time 20-1 vase

This lower part of this silver vase is made from cast sheets rubbed on the east German side of the Berlin Wall. The overall aspect of the object is sculptural and reminiscent of a tombstone.

Length 10 cm
Width 26.5 cm
Height 18.5 cm

Photo: © Sungho Cho
Collection of time 20-2 bowl

This silver bowl was made by connecting two casted silver sheets. The texture of the right hand side was achieved by rubbing the relief of the Berlin Wall whereas the left side patterns were made by stamping and roll printing. The object therefore contains traces of rain, wind and sunlight. The narrow and thin lines are made densely to create a mark corresponding to the traces of time.

Length 11 cm
Width 31 cm
Height 10 cm

Photo: © Sungho Cho
Composition of textures 19-1 bowl

This silver bowl was made by assembling several sheets of different textures achieved by stamping and roll printing.

Height 17 cm
Diameter 15.5 cm

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