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© Glashuette Lamberts
© Glashuette Lamberts
© Glashuette Lamberts
© Glashuette Lamberts


  • Glassblowing
  • Waldsassen, Germany
  • Manufacturer
  • Not open to the public
Lamberts Glassblowing
© Glashuette Lamberts

Glashütte Lamberts founded in 1906 in Northern Bavaria, and today is Germany’s only manufacturer of mouth-blown flat glass. It recognised worldwide for its mastery of this rare craft and for blending traditional production methods with cutting-edge innovation. The glass is still manufactured piece by piece. Tools and processes are the same as hundreds of years ago and every step happens under the supervision of a master glassmaker, who coordinates the activities and is responsible for the most delicate phases.

© Glashuette Lamberts

It’s the master glassmaker who blows the glass spheres to the final size and shape, as it takes a high level of experience, skill and ability to move the large, glowing ball of glass so regularly that a homogenous cylinder develops. This is then cut, heated again and flattened out to become a sheet of glass. Lamberts Glass is used in construction work all over the world, as an integral part of contemporary architectural and design plans and in the faithful restoration of monuments, like the magnificent windows of the Dresdner Frauenkirche and of the Westminster Abbey in London.

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