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©The Little Shop of Flowers
©The Little Shop of Flowers
©The Little Shop of Flowers
©Hiroko Matsubara
©The Little Shop of Flowers

Iki Yukari

  • The Little Shop of Flowers
  • Flower designer
  • Shibuya, Japan
  • Master Artisan
Iki Yukari Flower designer
Japanese, English
Daily 12:00 - 19:00, closed on Thursday
+81 357783052
©The Little Shop of Flowers

Happy bouquets

  • • Iki's atelier is in an old Japanese house in Tokyo city centre
  • • She prefers local and seasonal flowers and wild arrangements
  • • She also produces natural dyes from her shop flowers waste

Back in 2010, when she opened her atelier, The little shop of flowers, Iki Yukari had a very naive idea of the flower business. A former PR for fashion brands and luxury hotels with a degree in interior design from San Francisco State University, she had no experience in the field: "I had neither worked in a flower shop before nor learned from a florist," she admits. "I was like a child, thinking that, along with fresh flowers, the only things I needed were a place to welcome customers, aluminium foils and wrapping paper." Which, of course, was not the case, she made many mistakes but in the end she learned from her failures. Years later, Iki has become an expert, and her atelier – set in an old Japanese house hidden in a quiet alley – is a gem of Tokyo city centre. But she remains humble and doesn’t like to call herself an artist.

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  • ©The Little Shop of Flowers
  • ©The Little Shop of Flowers
  • ©The Little Shop of Flowers
  • ©The Little Shop of Flowers
  • ©The Little Shop of Flowers
Photo: ©The Little Shop of Flowers
Bouquet 1

A wild bouquet of cymbidiums, kalanchoes, oncidiums, romanescos, pericallis and clematis, dominated by green and cold hues yet warmed by touches of red.

Photo: ©The Little Shop of Flowers
Bouquet 2

A soft, romantic bunch of anemones, bishop’s weeds, lisianthus, Persian buttercups, tuberoses, leucothoe fontanesianas and starflowers pincushions.

Photo: ©The Little Shop of Flowers
Bouquet 3

Contrasts play an important role in this bouquet, where soft and sharp lines are mixed together, as well as light and dark colours. The result is elegant and a bit mysterious. The flowers used are anemones, Persian buttercups, mimosas acacia, flat sea holies, alliums and great masterworts.

Photo: ©The Little Shop of Flowers
Bouquet 4

Mimosa acacias, tulips, Persian buttercups, reeves spireas and lilies of the Incas come together in this bright bouquet dominated by pink and yellow.

Photo: ©The Little Shop of Flowers
Bouquet 5

A great variety of small flowers is beautifully arranged in this simple and harmonic bouquet with a wild feel. Flowers used are mimosa acacia, reeves spireas, Persian buttercups, tulips, flat sea hollies, sweet peas, lisianthus, great masterworts, and African corn lilies.

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