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© Peter van Beek
© Peter van Beek
© Peter van Beek
© Peter van Beek
© Misses Prins

Wendy de Ruijter & Cora Truijen

  • Het Ruijtenhuis
  • Stained glass maker
  • The Hague, Netherlands
  • Master Artisan
Wendy de Ruijter & Cora Truijen Stained glass maker
Dutch, English
By appointment only
+31 702250667
© Peter van Beek

Panes of perfection

  • • Wendy and Cora are making a mark in a man’s world
  • • They have a keen eye for the geometric
  • • Their commission for a piece at Berlage’s villa was a highlight

Wendy de Ruijter and Cora Truijen met through Instagram, they were each owners of their own stained glass making businesses at the time. Their shared passion for stained glass spurred them on to unite forces, to become joint owners of their current enterprise, Het Ruijtenhuis. Their atelier is a cosy space in the heart of a Maker’s hub in The Hague. They not only make stained glass windows, but they also carry out all aspects of the making process, from design to installation of the panes. As two women setting up the business, they have managed to carve out their niche within a predominantly male world. Their reputation for excellence is firmly cemented in the high quality finish they achieve, specifically their eye for geometric precision and an overall instinct for what fits a space.

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  • © Misses Prins
  • © Misses Prins
  • © Misses Prins
  • © Misses Prins
  • © Misses Prins
Photo: © Misses Prins
Stained glass panel

This stained glass window was made for a hallway in the Statenkwartier. The design matches the existing windows in this chic neighbourhood in The Hague. Original Tisch Cathedral glass by Lamberts has been used in different colours in this window. A glass jewel by Bullseye has also been incorporated into the window.

Height 170 cm
Width 70 cm

Photo: © Misses Prins
Stained glass in 1930s style

This stained glass door panel was designed by Cora and Wendy and made for a 1930s house in The Hague. This style encompasses straight lines. The colours – blue, amber and burgundy – and the types of glass were chosen together with the client. This panel consists of original Tisch Cathedral glass and mouth-blown antique glass which creates a lovely contrast.

Height 180 cm
Width 75 cm

Photo: © Misses Prins
Stained glass door panel

Cora and Wendy made these two long panels of stained glass for some sliding doors. This 1930s style is common throughout The Hague. Straight lines and staggered blocks typify this style. The coloured glass stands out beautifully due to the simplicity of the lines. Different types of glass have been used in this window such as Tisch Cathedral glass, mouth-blown antique glass and water glass.

Height 220 cm
Width 83 cm

Photo: © Misses Prins
Restoration of window Liefkes

Restoration of a stained glass panel belonging to a long-established glassmaker in The Hague called Liefkes. Different types of glass and colours are used in this panel – green, red, pale yellow and orange are the dominant colours. There are also stained glass pieces made in the same graphic style as this old workshop. Cora and Wendy regularly encounter this pattern in old stained glass panels in 1930s houses.

Height 35 cm
Width 70 cm

Photo: © Misses Prins
Neo-style window restoration

This window forms part of a large 19th century mansion in a chic neighbourhood of The Hague. Cora and Wendy restored it, replacing broken and damaged windows with mouth-blown antique glass. Their aim is to stay as close to the original glass design as possible, so that repairs are not visibly noticeable. Certain colours and types of glass are no longer produced, so that is sometimes quite a challenge.

Height 105 cm
Width 120 cm

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