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©Sarune Zurba
©Dovaldė Butenaitė
©Sarune Zurba
©Auguste Smailyte

Virginija Stigaite

Virginija Stigaite Weaver
Lithuanian, English, Polish, Russian
By appointment only
+370 68621131
©Sarune Zurba

Interacting with nature

  • • Virginija keeps a family tradition alive
  • • She only uses natural fibres for pieces
  • • She uses traditional techniques

Although Virginija Stigaite has a family tradition in textiles, initially she explored many techniques and materials before finding her home at the loom. She is hugely passionate about the creative process, from the choice of fibre through to the finishing of each product. She is part engineer, part chemist and part craftsperson. Virginija is driven to find new ways of combining fibres, recently discovering a new technique for softening linen fibres. The garments she produces incorporate a rustic colour pallette which draws inspiration from nature. Interaction with wilderness is core to her work, creating sustainable production, and clothing that has a positive interaction between people and the world.

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  • ©Robertas Rudys
  • ©Sarune Zurba
  • ©Dovaldė Butenaitė
  • ©Robertas Rudys
  • ©Sarune Zurba
Photo: ©Robertas Rudys

This handwoven scarf is made of linen, alpaca and merino wool. Its different shades of grey were inspired by Lithuanian winter.

Length 200 cm
Width 50 cm

Photo: ©Sarune Zurba
Scarf & Dress

Han-woven scarf and dress made from linen and merino wool. Both items were created for the newest NYTYS collection SEA. The colour palette, combining deep blue, green, dark grey and tints of orange, reflect the character of Baltic Seaside nature.

Length 200 cm
Width 50 cm

Photo: ©Dovaldė Butenaitė
Carpet & Blanket

Handwoven black and white carpets and blanket in linen and merino wool. These items were created for a collaborative project with a HORECA Lithuanian Cluster: We Are Baltic. NYTYS has developed a line of premium gift sets, as well as unique handwoven interior elements.

Length 120 cm
Width 120 cm
Width 100 cm

Photo: ©Robertas Rudys
Tote bag

Handwoven tote bags have become a new way of translating traditional ornaments into contemporary fashion. This green bag is made of linen and natural leather.

Height 35 cm
Width 40 cm

Photo: ©Sarune Zurba

This large handwoven Tunica was created with the idea of comfort and versatility in cold days. It is made from red and blue linen.

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