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©Virginie Boudsocq
©Virginie Boudsocq
©Olivier loser
©Virginie Boudsocq
©Olivier loser

Virginie Boudsocq

  • Olga Etc
  • Ceramicist
  • Argenteuil, France
  • Master Artisan
Virginie Boudsocq Ceramicist
French, English, Italian
By appointment only
+33 611983451
©Olivier loser

Shaping nostalgia

  • • Virginie evokes the past in her creations
  • • She loves springtime and its flowers
  • • She is very strict with herself and the final result

Virginie Boudsocq has recently taken up ceramics, falling in love with the idea of using her hands to give shape to her nostalgia. The good times are her true source of inspiration. Among these, in particular, her grandmother’s garden, rich in flowers especially peonies and hydrangeas which made that corner a colourful painting. Spring is Virginie’s favourite season: the rebirth of nature is an explosion of colours and scents. Everything lasts little and vanishes, but with the promise to return the year after. Her beloved grandmother and her beautiful corner of Eden are gone, but that feeling of serenity persists in the works of Virginie who, with her hands, recreates that atmosphere every day.

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  • ©Olivier Loser
  • ©Olivier Loser
  • ©Benjamin Ranger
  • ©Olivier Loser
  • ©Olivier Loser
Photo: ©Olivier Loser
Le printemps

Porcelain vase based on the circular movement, the energy, of nature, The leaves turn around the main form as if they were flying, carried by a spring wind. Pollen and rain like bubbles scattered on the vase.

Height 21 cm
Diameter 18 cm

Photo: ©Olivier Loser

These porcelain candlesticks depict the flowering of peonies, from the tiny ball perched on a stem that becomes a magnificent bud, just before the blooming of the flower.

Width 20 cm
Height 18 cm
Diameter 20 cm

Photo: ©Benjamin Ranger

This striking piece represents a giant, leafless hydrangea shrub. It is completely covered with countless small white flowers which are slightly inclined, as if touched by the wind.

Height 45 cm
Diameter 48 cm

Photo: ©Olivier Loser
Corolles et petales

Virginie Boudsocq's idea was to create a ceramic ball of vegetation, petals and corals that colonise the support, growing like an invasive plant.

Width 25 cm
Height 28 cm
Diameter 25 cm

Photo: ©Olivier Loser
Hortensia en bouquet

This hydrangea branch handcrafted in porcelain is designed for the wall. It celebrates spring, flowering and a freshly picked bouquet.

Width 35 cm
Height 40 cm

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