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©Vera Siemund
©Vera Siemund
©Vera Siemund
©Vera Siemund
©Miriam Yousif-Kabota

Vera Siemund

  • Jewellery maker
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Master Artisan
Vera Siemund Jewellery maker
German, English, French
By appointment only
©Vera Siemund

Masterpieces from fragments of history

  • • Vera hand-cuts all her pieces
  • • Research and drawing are a big part of her process
  • • She was the 2013 Goldsmith Laureate in Hanau

Vera Siemund grew up near Pforzheim in Germany, a region with a long-standing tradition in goldsmithing. This and her love for painting and the liberal arts led her to a goldsmithing internship at 18 years old. Rather than training in a company, she decided to train at The National Drawing Academy in Hanau, which she considered a more versatile environment. Vera then pursued her studies with Dorothea Prühl at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle. Inspired by architecture, historic ornament, trivia and pop culture, she mainly uses iron, copper and enamel in her creations, although silver, gold and stones do appear, too. What Vera loves the most about her craft is "deciding what you create yourself, which is often gruelling."

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  • ©Vera Siemund
  • ©Vera Siemund
  • ©Vera Siemund
  • ©Vera Siemund
  • ©Miriam Yousif-Kabota
Photo: ©Vera Siemund

This neckpiece is made up of five elements in the shape of a dormer window with a portrait looking out of the window. Six small flowers connect the silver chain. The locker is made of silver and a set enamelled oval. All the elements are made of glaucous (grey-green) enamelled copper. The shapes are chased in copper, mounted and enamelled.

Photo: ©Vera Siemund

This is a neckpiece made of nine elements which remind of crowns. Two of them are mounted from a steel sheet, seven show delicate sawn tendrils of roses and brambles. The locker is adorned with two coral roses. The steel has a black finish.

Photo: ©Vera Siemund

This neckpiece is made up of 11 elements that are assembled together to form a necklace. Each element is a cut-out silhouette, except the red element which is the rococo frame of a coat of arms.

Photo: ©Vera Siemund

This piece is a brooch made from black steel, delicately sawn like the half-round balustrade of a balcony. All is open worked, even the base with its pattern of tiles. The three-dimensional balcony, which is also sawn out, is mounted on a base representing its own shadow.

Photo: ©Miriam Yousif-Kabota
Gothic crest

This brooch is made of a three-dimensional hexagonal crest assembled on the floor plan of a gothic cathedral. The crest or baldachin alludes to gothic cathedrals where crests hover above sculptures. The piece is chased in copper, mounted and enamelled in a glaucous colour. The steel of the ground view has a black finish.

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