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©Jonathan Debeer
©Jonathan Debeer
©Jonathan Debeer
©Jonathan Debeer
©Jonathan Debeer

Veerle Verschooren

  • Stained glass maker
  • Gentbrugge, Belgium
  • Master Artisan
Veerle Verschooren Stained glass maker
Dutch, English, French
By appointment only
+32 494634305
©Luc Daelemans

Dancing colours

  • • Veerle uses contemporary shapes and bright colours
  • • Dance performances are a source of inspiration
  • • She seeks to breathe new life into a traditional craft

After 15 years as a stained glass maker, Veerle Verschooren decided to focus more on the contemporary design world and adjusted her style. Her new designs incoporate bright colours, more patterned glass and Tiffany glass. For inspiration, Verschooren often looks to artists in other domains, like painters and sculptors. She examines the way they combine materials and shapes, and replicates this with stained glass. “I also learn a lot from dance performances, a big passion of mine. It’s so inspiring to observe the way dancers move on stage.” Stained glass design is a craft that has existed since the Medieval Age, but Verschooren is not afraid to give it a modern update. “I am, for example, happy to use a waterjet machine once in a while,” she smiles.

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  • ©Veerle Verschooren
  • ©Jonathan Debeer
  • ©Wouter Rawoens
  • ©Cedric-Verhelst
  • ©Jonathan Debeer
Photo: ©Veerle Verschooren

Screen is a stand-alone object. It consists of a traditionally made stained glass panel that slides into a welded metal frame. You can place it on a table, windowsill or cupboard so that the colours come into their own. The light makes the piece appear three dimensional.

Length 60 cm
Width 20 cm
Height 80 cm

Photo: ©Jonathan Debeer
Stained glass window for bathroom interior

Stained glass window, commissioned by design bureau Vesper, which is placed behind a bathtub. The design refers to water and the sea. In a very abstract way, you can picture it as a boat with a sail. The stained glass is an enlarged image of a dragonfly's wing.

Photo: ©Wouter Rawoens
Room divider

This panel is made as a traditional stained glass window, but with a sleek design and flashy colours. The steel frame was designed to ensure that the panel can slide in the frame. You can place this object in front of a very large window or it can define a space.

Length 107 cm
Width 40 cm
Height 174 cm

Photo: ©Cedric-Verhelst

These are actually four panels that were designed for two wooden interior doors in a corridor of a mansion, but here they are photographed as one composition. The dominant colour is mint green, because this is the client's favourite colour. The design is inspired by a tile motif in this house.

Photo: ©Jonathan Debeer
Retrospekt mirrors

The mirrors were made in collaboration with designer and blacksmith Tim Baute. The mirrors have a coloured stripe, their design is sleek but somewhat playful. They are designed to hang vertically, but can also be hung horizontally with two suspension caps.

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